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North Mahaska Board of Education –Open Board Seat

Arvin DeBoef is running for the open board seat in district 4 and Margaret Ratcliff is running for the open board seat in District 5.  Patrons from District 4 and 5 will be able to vote in the upcoming election on September 12 at the New Sharon City Park Building (102 West High Street, New Sharon) from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

New Alert System

North Mahaska CSD has a new alert system that will send text, email, and phone alert messages.  The system is capable of notifying parents, guardians, and staff in the event of an early dismissal or no school due to inclement weather.  The system can also be used for reminders such as for important dates and events.  If you have an up-to-date email and cell phone number in our student management system, PowerSchool, you should have received the test alert in August.  If you didn’t receive the alert, we would respectfully ask you update your cell phone number and email in PowerSchool.  Thank you!

Heat Related Dismissals

How does the school decide when to dismiss early due to heat?  When the temperature and humidity combined reach a heat index of 100 degrees we plan for an early dismissal (typically at 1:00 p.m.).

NMCSD is Saving District Patrons TAX $$$

North Mahaska CSD’s Board of Education and administrative staff is being proactive and working diligently to save tax payers money.  Some of the steps taken to save $$ include:

  1. The District engaged with Mid American Energy to complete an energy assessment and identify ways to save dollars on an annual basis.  The district has made the suggested changes that will result in an annual savings of $10,041 in the general fund.
  2. The District has installed LED lighting in the building resulting in an annual savings in the general fund of $4478.
  3. A district replacement/repair project for the elementary air handler’s itemized cost was $47,900. The district engaged with Mid-American Energy to work with the Custom Rebate Department and with the rebate the end cost of the project is $15,707. 
  4. Rebates were sought for all of the applicable items in the new construction project resulting in $56,452.50 coming back to the district.

Substitute Bus Drivers’ Needed: 

North Mahaska School is in need of substitute bus drivers for the 2017-18 school year.  If you are interested, please contact the high school office at 641-637-4187.

New High School English Teacher

When Anne Sellers resigned in July, it opened the high school English position.  As a result, the district advertised for the position on Teach Iowa.  There were five applicants of which three of the five were not highly qualified as defined by law.  References were checked and two candidates were interviewed, one of which was selected as a candidate for potential hire upon completion of student teaching in December.  Since the English candidate is not eligible for hire until second semester, the district sought a highly qualified retired English teacher, ensuring a quality education for our students in the transition. Rich Pitkin has accepted a position as North Mahaska’s high school English Teacher and 10th grade class sponsor.  Rich has extensive teaching experience and is highly qualified in English.  You may recognize Rich as a familiar face as he has subbed for our teachers over the past few years.  Rich will remain under contract with North Mahaska through first semester.  It is the district’s intention to honor Rich’s request to continue his retirement and get back to subbing second semester.  Anticipating a potential change of teaching staff at the end of the first semester in January, Rich and the North Mahaska CSD will work together to ensure a smooth transition for students. As always, our students’ education and wellbeing are of utmost importance.


The Warhawk Way!!!

Thank you to our district patrons, coaches, parents, student athletes, and staff for displaying outstanding character during the 2016-17 sports seasons!  North Mahaska CSD was one of 165 districts who did not have any student athletes, coaches, or district patrons that were disciplined or ejected from a sporting event due to unsportsmanlike conduct.  Thank you for upholding “The Warhawk Way”!

Have a question you would like answered or a topic you would like addressed in upcoming news, please feel free to contact me at the NM School offices 641-637-4041 or 641-637-4187.   –Angela Livezey