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Avid readers from North Mahaska are preparing to compete in the Battle of the Books by reading and studying 30 selected books from varied authors, genres, time periods, and cultures. It’s a big task, but the students are working together to collectively read the titles–meaning each student reads a portion of the list. However, some students undertake the daunting task of reading all 30 books prior to the regional competition.
North Mahaska has three six member teams from each building: upper elementary, middle school, and high school.
Team members will attend the regional competition in April. The competition requires persistence and study. Teams work together for months to prepare for the event, building friendships and collaborative work skills.
The Book Vault in Oskaloosa will be giving a 15% discount on books still needed for the teams. These books will be donated back to the school for not only BOB teams but all NM students to read and discuss. Stop by the Book Vault during your holiday shopping to help support NM BOB teams. Purchases should be made by the end of January. Thank you for your support!