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January 2018
A New Year and New Opportunities!
Please take a moment to visit the NM website at nmwarhawks.org and check out our school video highlighting the opportunities available for students at North Mahaska Schools.

Did you know???
* 85% of the 187 students screened at North Mahaska Jr./Sr. High are participating in an extra curricular activity such as band, chorus, FFA, sports, and speech/drama.
* 92% of the 187 students screened at North Mahaska Jr./Sr. High have at least one adult they feel connected to at school.
* 96.1% is the average daily attendance rate of North Mahaska Elementary Students 93.3% is the average daily attendance rate of North Mahaska Jr./Sr. High Students

Open Enrollment Applications –Due March 1, 2018
We have been getting several calls about open enrollment. We are happy to answer your questions as well as provide a building tour for families who may be interested in attending North Mahaska Schools. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding open enrollment:
1.Can any out of district student open enroll to North Mahaska Schools?    Yes, students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade can submit an open enrollment application. The application must be submitted by March 1, 2018. For those students entering into kindergarten in the fall of 2018, the open enrollment application is due September 1, 2018. Out of district preschool students can attend North Mahaska Schools without submitting and open enrollment application.

2. Is transportation provided for out of district students? Yes, however, the North Mahaska CSD buses can’t cross into another school district to pick up students for school. The North Mahaska CSD buses typically pick up out of district students at the dividing line between the two districts.

3. Is there a tuition cost to parents for out of district students attending North Mahaska? No, parents do not have to pay tuition. Regular school registration fees apply.

4. How many students currently open enroll to North Mahaska? We have 91.3 students choosing to open enroll to North Mahaska!

5. How do I access an open enrollment form? Open enrollment forms can be accessed on the Department of Education’s website at the following address: Open Enrollment PDF form. Forms can also be accessed by contacting the school at 641-637-4041 (elementary office) or 641-637-4187 (jr./sr. high office)

Financial Tidbit




One of the seven key financial indicators for a school district is whether the salary and benefits are within the recommended limits. What are the recommended limits? The state recommends that salaries and benefits be between 75% and 82% of the general fund expenditures. As you can see from the chart, NM’s salaries and benefits are within the state’s recommended limits.

Substitute Bus Drivers’, substitute custodians, and Paraeducators Needed for North Mahaska Community School:
North Mahaska School is in need of substitute bus drivers, substitute custodians, and paraeducators. If you are interested, please contact the high school office at 641-637-4187. (Paraeducators work in the classroom to help support students with identified educational needs.)

Have a question you would like answered or a topic you would like addressed in upcoming news, please feel free to contact me at the NM School offices 641-637-4041 or 641-637-4187. –Angela Livezey