(641) 637-4187 2163 135th Street, New Sharon, IA 50207

School Board

(L-R) Dan Gruber, Arvin DeBoef, Dirk Wilkin, Keith Foster, Sherrill Strobel

Next Meeting

August 28, 2017


Sherrill Strobel – District #1, east side of New Sharon; District Planning Team and Negotiation Team
Phone: 641-637-4489     email: sherrillstrobel@gmail.com

Dirk Wilkin – Board President, District #2, west side of New Sharon; IASB Delegate/Legislative Network and School Improvement
Advisory Committee (SIAC)
Phone: 319-929-2995     email: wilkindd@pella.com

Keith Foster – District #3, Taintor area west; FFA Advisory Committee and Negotiation Team
Phone: 641-637-4587    email: showlamb4@yahoo.com

Arvin DeBoef – Vice-President, District #4, Lacey area and south part of district; North Mahaska Education Foundation and
NM Early Education Committee
Phone: 641-670-2531     email: dbfarmer@mahaska.org

Dan Gruber – District #5, Barnes City area east; County Conference Committee and NM Early Education Committee
Phone: 641-637-4335     email: dnogrbr@iowatelecom.net

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2017 will be Districts 4 and 5
2019 will be Districts 1, 2 and 3