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North Mahaska students are able to take a variety of courses under the Iowa Senior Year Plus (SYP) program. Through Senior Year Plus (SYP), school districts are provided with a variety of options to enhance students’ high school experience. Enacted by the Iowa legislature in 2008, SYP was created to provide increased and more equal access to college credit and advanced placement courses. Courses delivered through SYP provide students the opportunity to take a rigorous college curriculum and receive, in many cases, both high school and college credit concurrently.

Iowa high school students enroll in college coursework through a variety of mechanisms including Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO), courses delivered through sharing agreements between community colleges and local school districts, and enrollment in college courses independently as a tuition paying student.

North Mahaska Junior and Senior students who meet the enrollment requirements of the college they wish to enroll in, may take college courses and the NM school district pays.  Likewise, 9th and 10th graders, who are identified Talented and Gifted students may register for college courses.  Students may take courses face-to-face on the college campus or through online courses.  Some college level credit is offered at North Mahaska.

North Mahaska currently offers an Indian Hills Community College Welding Academy onsite.  Juniors and Seniors may take 2 years of Welding courses while in high school and complete a full year of college credit through Indian Hills.  North Mahaska also participates in the Mahaska County Career Academy in Oskaloosa, housed in the old Webster Elementary building.  A student who participates in the MCCA program, may complete a year of college credit in one of the following programs: Health Sciences and Occupations; Computer Networking and Security; and Engineering and Technology.

Approximately one third of North Mahaska students are taking some form of college credit while in high school.  Most of those students are completing between 9-24 semester hours of credit.  The following courses are those that North Mahaska students have taken and completed in the last 3-4 years, be it online or at William Penn University or Central College.