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From June 10 through 21, North Mahaska teachers, Mrs. Angie Radcliffe, and Ms. Jenna Carrico took part in the Vermeer Corporation’s Teacher Internship program. This program is offered to teachers who wish to learn more about the Vermeer Corporation and is made possible through the Vermeer Charitable Foundation. Mrs. Radcliffe and Ms. Carrico both gave a presentation on the final day to numerous Vermeer employees, administrators, and members of the Vermeer Charitable Foundation.

Ms. Carrico: “I had the privilege to be able to attend the Vermeer Teacher Intern Program sponsored by the Vermeer Charitable Foundation. Going into this, I thought I knew a lot about Vermeer. I was wrong! We had the opportunity to tour each plant, speak with Vermeer employees, and even test out simulations and products! There were jobs there for every interest students may have. This program gave me new insight into modern-day manufacturing, especially Vermeer Corporation. I can’t wait to share my new knowledge and experiences with my students.”

Mrs. Radcliffe: “The Vermeer Educator Internship Program is a great opportunity to learn about the wide variety of career possibilities at Vermeer.  We were given information, tours, and hands-on activities for careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).  The company culture at Vermeer is top-notch!  I’m excited to share this information with our students at North Mahaska to expand their knowledge of local as well as worldwide career opportunities in modern manufacturing.  It’s not at all what you think it is; it’s so much more and very impressive!”