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Over the summer PowerSchool began hosting our computer systems and did an upgrade to our software computer system. PowerSchool is the software that shows parents how much lunch money is in their child/children’s lunch account. Payschool is another vendor that the district uses that electronically posts all money paid to the school. Payschool did not develop a plugin to communicate with the new upgrade from PowerSchool, therefore when lunch money is paid it goes into Payschool but does not show up in PowerSchool. We as the North Mahaska School District cannot fix this issue and are at the mercy of PowerSchool and Payschool communicating and finding a solution to correct the issue. We are truly sorry for all the inconveniences this issue is causing. We are communicating with both PowerSchool and Payschool daily to check the status of this situation. Please be assured that all lunch money that you had paid is in your child/children’s account. We are looking into different vendors for future service. We truly appreciate your patience as we continue to get this issue resolved.               Thank you for your patience.