(641) 637-4187 2163 135th Street, New Sharon, IA 50207

Was a heat map created to obtain the new positions being added?  If so, can we see the heat map?

No heat map was created for the positioning of the new devices.  The mapping was based on the device density and the number of devices being used per student.

Are we adding the HP on the rack or is it being phased out?

It has been phased out, but it just wasn’t removed from the rack when replaced.

How old is the current wireless system?

The current wireless system is at least 5 years old, possibly 6 years old.

Can old Cat6 cable be used or does it need to be replaced knowing at all the old cabling is to be replaced and removed?

 It would need to be tested and if still good, it would not need to be replaced.

Do we need to attend 1 or MUST we attend both walk-throughs?

 You only need to attend 1 walk-through.

My cable contractor would like to know if they will have to drill through any firewalls if so how many?

There will be around 40 different firewalls that will need to be drilled through and then resealed after the cabling is run.  Every double door will have a firewall, the shop area, and kitchen area should have firewalls.

Do you have a Managed Services Provider already?  And are you just rebidding it?

North Mahaska is seeking bids for managed IT services.  Please see the RFP on the EPC Portal.

There are 2 Entities listed on you 470 for the Managed Services request, what does that entail?

There are 2 Entities.  One Elementary school and one Jr/Sr High School located at 2163 135th Street, New Sharon, Iowa.

Are you working currently with any Meraki Reps for your WAP’s or current Vendor?  Are you happy with them?

Please see RFP on the EPC portal.

What is the installment timeline? 

Request that wireless infrastructure installation starts anytime after July 1st

When is this to be completed? 
Wireless infrastructure must be completed before August 15th before school starts
Does the service contract just to cover the wireless system? 
Yes, the service contract is to cover the new wireless system that is installed
Is it just management of the wireless system or is it desktop management and support also? 
Yes, to the Management of the wireless system per the RFP.
Would also like a separate quote for non e-rate eligible service (example desktop management and support) Servers?