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Whether you realize it or not, your children and teenagers are taking in a lot of information about this new virus. Unlike adults, they do not have the ability to sift through the information and determine what is correct and what is incorrect to develop an appropriate course of action. They are relying on you to do this for them.

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The top 5 things to discuss with your kids about COVID-19

What is it?

Kids can clearly see this situation is making adults worry and because of this it can be very scary to them. A parent should adjust the amount and type of information they give to their child based on the child’s age level.

Reassure them

The fear of the unknown can be greater than the known. Let kids know that yes, this is a problem right now but there are many adults working together to make everyone safe.

Follow the Guidelines

COVID-19 is spread through contact with someone who is infected. Remind your child to wash their hands properly on a regular basis and not to touch their face or mouth area. If they cough due it in the crook of their arm.

Monitor Media Information

Our televisions, radios and social media feeds are being inundated with information about this virus. Hearing others talk repeatedly about this scary topic can be overwhelming for kids. Adult supervision is necessary.

Leave the Lines of Communication OPEN

Due to the situation, parents should check in on their kids often. Let them know you are available if they have any new questions or just want to talk about this topic. And remember they are looking to you to be a role model during this challenging time.