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Looking for events occurring at North Mahaska? Information is only a click away. North Mahaska schools are rolling out a new calendar application called R School. The calendar will include any events for elementary, junior or senior high and some community activities.

Activities director Carrie Kral has been working to update the calendar for accuracy. The app will not be only for sports activities but include concerts, parent-teacher conferences, art shows, FFA events and many others.

The new R School calendar has replaced the Bound calendar on the North Mahaska website activities calendar.

“The Bound system has a lot of great features and is being utilized by the state, but the district and community are having trouble maneuvering it,” said Kral. “This doesn’t mean that we won’t go to Bound again in the future, but for right now there just isn’t enough time to get everyone educated on usage. This new platform has a streamlined format that makes it possible for me to make changes immediately and then appear on the app.”

The application may be accessed by going to the app store for your device Apple OS or Android or use the QR Code included within this article. Once in the app, a person may set up schools or multiple schools. Specific teams or events may be selected such as band, concerts, FFA, sports by gender, dance, etc. Categories include, Band/Vocal, Elementary, FFA, High School, High School Athletics and Junior High Athletics.

When one opens the app the main menu shows the Calendar, My Teams, Rosters and Scores. Currently only Calendar and My Teams are active. The cog wheel in the top right allows one to change schools in which other teams and events may be set up.

Kral met with the NM coaching staff this past week to discuss the utilization of app. Coaches and administration have bought into the concept and summer activities are listed in the calendar.